Shopping in Venice

The city of Venice is rich in culture, traditions, and artisanal products. Purchasing a souvenir from Venice means choosing a product that is unique, but it also means supporting the work of artisan shops and the century-old traditions of a city that is one of a kind in the world.


Burano Lace

The art of Burano lace has been handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter, and there is no certain date of its origins.

One of the many legends tells of a young Venetian sailor who brought a beautiful seaweed from distant seas to his beloved as a gift. She copied the delicate contours and tracery of this alga so as to keep and preserve its memory forever and created an exquisite lacework by using a simple thread.

In the shops of Saint Mark’s Square you can find great samples of this lacework, but one of the most beautiful shops in the city is that of Martina Vidal in Burano, of course.


Glass Beads

The first glass beads seem to have come from Mesopotamia around 2300 B.C., and the first traces of beads produced in Venice date back to the 13th century.

They come in infinite colors and models, as you can see from the folders held in the Murano Glass Museum, but the most famous of all is the “Rosetta”, which was invented in Venice in the 15th century.

One of the best known boutiques in Venice to purchase these precious beads is only a few steps from Saint Mark’s Square, in Frezzaria. It is called Paropamiso and the owner, Michel, is one of the maximum experts in Venice on this wonderful Venetian jewel.


Venetian Marbled Paper

The marbled paper technique was first developed in East Asia around 800 A.D. and then spread out to the Middle East around the 15th and 16th centuries.

When it was brought to Venice in the 1600s it was used by most bookbinders as a decorative element to line books and other objects.

This technique is also used to decorate panels, canvases or other surfaces. More recently, it has also been used to decorate different materials like cloth or even three-dimensional objects.

Alberto Valese creations



Carnival Masks

One of the most colorful traditions of Venice is the carnival that animates the city with spectacular performances, grand parties, traditional masks, and original costumes every year.
There are many shops and boutiques in the city where you can purchase small and large masks to display at home.
Many artisans organize workshops for children and adults to learn how to make masks or simply to decorate one as you like best.
Almost all of these shops are able to send their products and your purchases worldwide.

Near the Hotel Antigo Trovatore, you can find the shop San Marco 596 – Maschere Veneziane


Murano Glass

The best Murano glass can be found in the beautiful shops under the porticoes of Saint Mark’s Square. But you can find shops selling glass all over the city, just make sure that it is has the mandatory certificate of real Murano glass. Otherwise, you risk purchasing generic (if not made in China) glass.